"Moldex has met the challenge to lead our competition in the area of design and has developed a state of the art design team with the latest hardware and design software. From the beginning of any project our design engineers work in direct communication with our customers to insure that all design requirements are addressed." -Engineering Manager

Key Benefits

  • Project teams for project tracking & process development

  • AutoCad V.13

  • Pro-Engineer 2001; 2001i (Squared); 2001i

  • Smartcam Programming

  • DXF, IGES, or PRG File Translation

  • Online FTP Transfer Capabilities

  • All Systems Networked Via Windows NT 4.0

Computer Aided Design


(1) Dell Precision 620 / 800 MHZ Dual Processor
(1) Dell Dimension XPS P300 / 300 MHZ Processor


Pro Engineer 2001; 2001i (Squared); 2001i; WildFire
AutoCad V. 13

Shop Floor Utilization

Smartcam V 13.0


DXF, IGES, PRG File Translation

Systems Network

Windows NT 4.0
Daily Back-Ups
Fiber Optics Networking


Project teams for project tracking and process development.

Moldex has an established system to control all drawings, specifications, and changes. Our system monitors the distribution of changes and our shop work instructions will provide the correct drawing change level. Any obsolete drawings or specifications are removed from the active files. All system controls are QS9000 & ISO9002 driven.

Fully detailed prints are produced which consist of individual cavity inserts, cores, etc. Each is completely toleranced and dimensioned. Tolerance prints are based on customer requirements.