"As a cutting edge leader in plastic injection mold tooling and injection molded part production; our goal is to continually improve our products and services to meet our customers needs, establish new levels of performance and reliability in the global marketplace, and provide a rewarding work experience for our employees."    -General Manager

General Information

Quote Lead Time:  Average 1 Week
Mold Build Lead Time:  Average 10 Weeks (Varies)
Plastic Part Lead Time:  Average 3 Weeks (Varies)
Delivery Performance:  99.69% On Time Delivery
Monitor Performance:  Computerized Weekly Reports
Mold Builds Per Year:  80-100 Molds
Prototype Work:  20%
Rebuild Work:  20%
Production Work:  60%
Type Of Molding:  Injection Thermoplastics and  
 Thermoplastic Rubber


Tool Shop:  5 Days A Week / 1 Shift
Plastics:  5 Days A Week / 3 Shifts
Administrative:  5 Days A Week / 1 Shift
Quality Assurance:  5 Days A Week / 3 Shifts

Moldex is capable of running 24 hours a day,
365 days a year in all departments

Shipping And Inventory

  • Common carriers are used. Our inventory controller is responsible for tracking all materials received and parts shipped or stored.

  • All inventory and materials are tracked and stored according to QS9000 & ISO9002 standards.

  • Moldex is committed to 100% on time delivery and internal performance is monitored for design, build, and production.

  • Storage is available for just in time delivery in our 12,000 square ft. heated warehouse.


Facilities Built:  2001
Manufacturing:  44,000 Square Feet
Administration:    8,000 Square Feet
Warehousing:  12,000 Square Feet
Total:  64,000 Square Feet